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Umbrella Island 16 1008 Piece Premium Puzzle (18x36)
18 James Street

Umbrella Island 16 1008 Piece Premium Puzzle (18x36)

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Just in time for Christmas 2022 we’re excited to announce a new collection of limited edition puzzles featuring Jessica’s original artwork! We’ve partnered with a major puzzle manufacturer to create a series of premium puzzles that will both challenge and inspire anyone who enjoys Jessica’s contemporary landscape art. Perfect for a rainy day at the cottage or anyone who just loves a great puzzle!

Artwork: Umbrella Island 16 
Pieces: 1008
Size: 18x36
Edition Limited to: 50 units

Each puzzle in this collection is limited to an edition of just 50 units. Once 50 puzzles are sold, that puzzle is retired and gone for good! If you love Jessica’s art and Georgian Bay you’re going to love these puzzles!